Presently the department is offering MS degree in Environmental Science. The academic program is running in three terms i.e. Summer (March to May), Autumn (July to September) and Winter (November to January) in a year. A student needs to complete successfully minimum 30 credits in course work (21 credits from major department i.e. from Dept. of Environmental Science and 9 credits from others and minor departments), 1credit seminar and 12 credits research for accomplishment MS degree.

The duration of MS program is usually 5 (Five) terms. However, the degree must be completed within the 9 (Nine) terms from the commencement of the first term of admission. In special circumstances a candidate may be allowed another 3 (Three) consecutive terms without any interval, subject to the approval of readmission by the academic council.

The execution, addition and removal of course(s) of academic program is suggested by the authority of Board of Studies (BOS) of the department and subsequent approval of the Academic Council of the university.