Postgraduate Courses

CST 510 Principles of Computer Science (3cr)

Introduction to computer, operating system, computer graphics and multimedia. Data and information, numbering system, sorting and searching, basic of network and internet, computer peripherals, computer memory, data communication, basic of computer language, application software. Application of computer in agriculture.

CST 515 Data analysis by Microcomputer (3cr)

Use of the Microcomputers in data analysis. The major emphasis in placed on learning to use selected highly appropriate software packages. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours per week.

CST 516 Agricultural Information and Communication Technology (AICT) (3 CR)

Introduction to Operating System and Hardware troubleshooting using operating system. Introduction to Information and Communication Technology (ICT).Components of IC, Use of ICT in agriculture Database Management System. Relational database management System Agricultural Database management System, Off-line Database, On-line Database, Introduction to networking Use, Maintenance and Security, Agricultural Information Dissemination Process, Online Information dissemination process, Off-line Dissemination process, Internet and online Information searching, Fundamental of Geographic Information system (GIS), The principles and techniques of GIS Based Data Analysis, Digital data Acquisition, Use of GIS in Agricultural Research and Development Planning, Project work.