Research Program and Activities

Prof. Dr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed

  • Development of post-anthesis heat stress tolerance in late seeding wheat genotypes
  • Development of physiological screening criteria against early heat stress of wheat genotypes.

 Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Baset Mia

  • Morpho-anatomical appraisal of salt tolerance in pulses
  • Biochemical and anatomical aspect of salinity tolerance in tomato.
  • Physiological aspects of salinity tolerance of aromatic fine rice.
  • Amelioration of salinity in tomato through exogenous application of calcium.
  • Establishment of digital herbarium and herbal museum for improving academic and research capability of the Crop Botany department, a subproject of HEQEP, UGC, Ministry of Education.

 Dr. Totan Kumer Ghosh

  • Exploration of Abscisic acid (ABA) signaling in basal land plants to reveal crucial factor for stress adaptation in embryophytes.
  • Analysis of ABA responsive promoter elements in basal land plant Marchantia polymorpha.
  • Regulation of ABA and abiotic stress signaling in embryophytes by a novel Raf-like protein kinase.
  • Development of transient assay protocol in liverwort polymorpha.
  • In-vitro regeneration potentials in Bamboo.

 Mr. Mohammed Mohi-Ud-Din

  • Activity of antioxidant defense and methylglyoxal detoxification systems of wheat under different oxidative stress condition.
  • Modulatory role of Moringa oleifera leaf extract against high against high temperature induced oxidative stress in wheat seedlings
  • Optimizing harvesting and storage of processing potato varieties by chemical maturity monitoring.

Mr. Zubair Al-Meraj

  • Antioxidant potential in different potato genotypes.