Academic Activities of the Department:

The department of Crop Botany started its journey by offering the M.S. degree in Autumn/1991 term following course-credit system and later started offering the PhD degree from Winter/2002 term. Four courses for B.S. (Agriculture) namely, Plant Taxonomy & Economic Botany, Plant Anatomy and Embryology, Plant Physiology and Plant Ecology have been offered during the reported year.

Postgraduate program: The faculty members of the department offer graduate courses for MS and PhD students and guide the thesis research of the students for the fulfillment of their degrees. A total of 52 students so far completed their MS degree from the department. The department also conferred PhD degree to 8 students up to 2015. Presently 3 students are enrolled in the MS program and 1 in the PhD program.

 Additional Administrative Responsibilities of faculty members


  1. Prof. Dr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed has been serving as the honorable Member of the Syndicate of BSMRAU as additional duty since January 17, 2015 and also serving as the honourable dean of post-graduate studies, BSMRAU. He has also been serving as the Head of the department of Genetics and Fish Breeding, Faculty of Fisheries since December 9, 2014.
  2. Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Baset Mia served as the Head of The department of Crop Botany until May 9, 2015. Prof. Mia also served as Member of the Academic Council of BSMRAU.
  3. Dr. Totan Kumar Ghosh served as the assistant provost of student’s dormitory. He has also been serving as the Head of the department of Crop Botany.
  4. Mr. Haider Iqbal Khan served as the Assistant Proctor of the university in addition to his academic duty during the reported period.
  5. Mr. Mohi-Ud-din has been serving as an assistant provost of student’s dormitory.