Welcome to the Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (IBGE).

The primary goal of our department is to deliver high class teaching and conduct both basic and applied research in the field of biotechnology. We offer one  core course, BTL 410 Introductory Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering in summer term of BS in Agriculture. A highly demanding graduate program, MS in Biotechnology has  been launched since Summer Term/2011 from our department.

We got some good equipment and established a graduate lab for research. We have collaboration with local and international research groups. We welcome any proposal from National and International researchers on any of the following topics of our interests:

  • Signal transduction pathways of motility, chemotaxis and differentiation of Oomycete zoospores
  • Plant probiotics and their uses in agriculture
  • Genome sequencing of Biofunctional bacteria
  • Microbial biopesticides and biofertilizers
  • Traditional herbal medicines and their uses in agriculture
  • Adaptation to climate change and food security
  • Technology of Strawberry Cultivation in Bangladesh
  • Genetic diversity study of economically important field crops
  • Molecular identification of fish and shrimp pathogens and their biocontrol measures
  • Virulence mechanisms of fish and shrimp pathogens
  • Probiotics and their uses in fish and shrimp
  • Genetic diversity study of freshwater and marine flora and fauna

Bioprospecting marine organisms