Welcome to the Department of Anatomy & Histology

The primary goal of our department is to deliver high-class teaching and conduct research in the field of cell biology. The Department teaches gross anatomy, histology, cell biology, embryology and neuro-anatomy to undergraduates of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine & Animal Science. The teaching involves lectures and practical courses including the dissection of animals and birds, demonstration of formalin-fixed samples and studies of histological sections. The department will offer postgraduate program (MS) very soon.

We got some good equipments and established a cell biology laboratory for research. We also have a small animal laboratory. We have collaboration with local and international research groups. We welcome for collaborative research on any of the following topics of our interests:

  • Molecular and cellular analyses of mammalian gonadogenesis, testiculogenesis and spermatogenesis
  • Stem cells, germ line stem cells (GSCs), testicular pluripotent stem cells (iPSC)
  • Cancer stem cells and cancer therapy, and
  • Environmental toxicology (Endocrine disruptors) and exciting area of food science.