Research achievements

The faculty members published more than 550 scientific papers in national and international journals.

The major research achievements of the department are

  • Germplasm collection and evaluation:  More than 1000 genotypes of rice, mungbean, chickpea, soybean, bushbean, pigeonpea and cowpea were collected and evaluated against flooding, drought and salinity.
  • Variety released:  Rice variety i.e. BUdhan 1, mungbean varieties i.e. BUmug 1, BUmug 2, BUmug 3 and BUmug 4,  chickpea variety i.e. .BUchola1 and soybean variety i.e.BUsoybean1 have been released from the department.
  • Technology developed: High intensive four- crop based cropping pattern i.e.  ”aus rice (early) – aman rice (early) – potato or mustard – mungbean) for northern region of the country.

Present research activities

  • Exploring physiological traits of cereal, oilseed and pulse crops for high yield potential and adaptation to climate change.
  • Collection and evaluation of plant genetic resources for their tolerance to drought, water logging and salinity.
  • Evaluation of herbicides on different field crops and also soil health.
  • Nutrient management and source-sink manipulation in cereal, oilseed and pulse crops.
  • Development change of phyllochron in HYV and land races of rice in relation to various agronomic management practices.
  • Breeder seed production of released varieties from the department
  • Effects of puddling intensity and crop establishment techniques on the growth and yield of field crops.
  • Impact of rice-wheat/potato mungbean cropping system on farmers’ employment opportunity, food security and livelihood in selected ‘Monga’ prone areas in northern districts of Bangladesh.
  • Development of climate smart production technology of field crops in Bangladesh.

Future research plan

  • Crop physiological research on varietal improvement for unfavorable ecosystems
  • Collection, evaluation and conservation of germplasm and inbred lines of field crops from local and exotic sources
  • Research on climate smart production technology of different field crops
  • Integrated crop management practices and development of resource conserving technologies for sustainable crop productivity.
  • Development of short-duration crop variety for intensification and diversification of cropping systems.
  • Identification of crop genotypes tolerant to salinity, drought, heat stress and water logging
  • Herbicidal research in relation to environmental issues
  • Research on crop modeling, GIS and remote sensing