Faculty Members

M. Abdul Karim (PhD, Japan)


Email: akarim1506@yahoo.com

Cell: 01716752414

Research area: Stress Agronomy

No. of publications: more than 100

Qazi Abdul Khaliq ( PhD, Germany)


Email: qakhaliq@bsmrau.edu.bd, khaliq53@yahoo.com

Cell: 01714338254, 01682088847

Research area: Crop physiology, crop and nutrient management, soil-plant-water relations

No. of publications: more than 100

M. Moynul Haque (PhD, BSMRAU)


Email: moynul60@yahoo.com

Cell: 01711908640

Research area: Cropping system and seed science

No. of publications: 120

Md. Nasimul Bari (MSc, UK)


Email: nasimulbari@gmail.com, nasimul_bari@yahoo.com

Cell: 01552356277

Research area: Weed science, farming system and environment

No. of publications: 44

Md. Rafiqul Islam (PhD, BSMRAU)


Email: rafiarib@yahoo.com

Cell: 01552495641

Research area: Abiotic stress, ecosystem  & climate change, RS & GIS

No. of publications: 50

M. A. Mannan (PhD, BSMRAU)

Associate Professor

Email: mannanbsmrau@yahoo.com, mannan_PSTU@yahoo.com

Cell: 01712085767, 01816020290

Research area: Salinity and drought stress

No. of publications: 32

Md. Moshiul Islam (PhD, Japan)

Associate Professor & Head

Email: hiraagron@yahoo.com

Cell: 01712132019

Research area: Stress Physiology and plant hormone signaling

No. of publications: 15

Md. Arifur Rahman Khan (PhD, BAU)

Assistant Professor

Email: arifkhanbsmrau@gmail.com

Cell: 01716712504

Research area: Stress Agronomy

No. of publications: 18

Md. Abdullah Al Mamun (MS, BAU)

Assistant Professor

Email: aamamunbrri@yahoo.com

Cell: 01747411668

Research area: Plant nutrition

No. of publications: 30

Nurunnaher Akter (MS, BSMRAU)

Assistatnt Professor

Email:  lata.agr@gmail.com, nnaher.agr@bsmrau.edu.bd

Cell: 01737226137, 01628118144

Research area: Abiotic stress and management

No. of publications: 5

Erin Zaman (MS, BSMRAU)


Email: erinzaman@gmail.com

Cell: 01784547946

Research area: Stress Agronomy

No. of publications: 0